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Trolly Car House
Trolly Car House
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By the time Lorna was eighteen years old, she had lived in about twenty different homes in different cities and countries and countryside.  Her mother was an Abstract Expressionist Painter who found it impossible to stay anywhere for very long; hence the constant movement, despite a family of five children, numerous pets, and a theologin/mathematician/ philosopher husband.  From thirteen to twenty-nine, Lorna survived in a turgid NYC.


Needless to say, there were significant memories from places like San Francisco, New York City, Philadelphia, Auckland NZ, Cairo Egypt, Italian and French vineyards, to name only a few; many of which still stood in Lorna's mind, waiting to be given form. She began to construct what she calls 'Memory Form' models, during her fifth year in Architecture at The Cooper Union in 1979.  This group of models went on to travel in a US exhibition for six months.

Retired University Lecturer

University of Cambridge UK


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